5km Stairs Session

Tuesday Stairs Session

Every Tuesday, 7:30pm from Coffee Moffie

Our infamous Stairs session takes place every Tuesday night, and has done since the club's inception. Stair running is a great way to boost overall fitness, and Baku just happens to be home to a great staircase!

Join us as we run as one group from Coffee Moffie, down to the famous Kukla Theatre. From there, we turn right along the boulevard along to the amazing Carpet Museum building. A quick dash through an underpass brings us directly to the Funicular stairs. We then head up the stairs as a group, all the way to the top, emerging in the shadow of the magnificent Flame Towers. A downhill sprint sees us return (eventually) to the boulevard, and back to Coffee Moffie for a hard earned warm drink.

While we encourage everyone to push themselves, we understand that everyone has diferent levels of fitness, and as an inclusive running club, we respect all who run with us.