5km/Speed Session

Thursday Speed Session

Every Thursday, 7:30pm from Coffee Moffie

Thursdays are the newest edition to our training; a 5km + Fartlek speed session. If you thought your legs hurt after Tuesday, you're in for a real surprise! This session gets the blood flowing and the muscles pumping like no other.

As usual, we leave Coffee Moffie and head towards the Boulevard. Turning right at Kukla Theatre, we stay on the boulevard this time and run to Dalga Plaza. There, we pause for a minute before beginning what is an incredibly tough series of short sprints and jogs designed to encourage muscle growth and increase overall fitness and running speed. After this section is complete, our evening is rounded off with a short run back to Coffee Moffie, and their prized caffeinated beverages.

While we encourage everyone to push themselves, we understand that everyone has diferent levels of fitness, and as an inclusive running club, we respect all who run with us.