10km Long Run

Sunday Long Run

Every Sunday, 10am from Coffee Moffie

Join us every Sunday Morning for our longest run of the week. Push yourself to go further and faster than before as we take on an 'out and back' route from Coffee Moffie, down to Kukla Theatre, and then along the beautiful Boulevard to the Boulevard Hotel. At this halfway point, we stop to allow those who have fallen behind to catch up. A quick photo session, and then we're back on our way. Can you beat the elites?

Our Sunday session differs from the other weekly sessions in that everyone runs at their own pace, and only as far as they feel able. The route is clearly defined, and anyone who doesn't feel up to doing the full 10km can opt out at any time and head back to Coffee Moffie.

While we encourage everyone to push themselves, we understand that everyone has diferent levels of fitness, and as an inclusive running club, we respect all who run with us.