Trevor Hill

Born in London, Trevor discovered that he had some talent at a young age, Trevor continued to run into his teenage years, and continued at a casual level for years. In his late thirties, Trevor rekindled his love for running after a few years away from the sport. After discovering the world of ultramarathons, he ran his very first one at the age of 39, with only a few months preparation having spent 9 months recovering from a broken foot. He finished in the top 10%. An expert on nutrition, and the technical aspect of running, Trevor just wants to get everyone running!

Kasia Wrabel

Kasia was born in Poland and came to Baku in 2016. after spending many years in London. A veteran Marathon runner, Kasia accepts any challenge, and never quits. Kasia has competed in both The Warsaw and London marathons among others, as well as numerous half marathons around Europe.

A​rtyom Aliyev

Artyom was born in Baku, and over the last few years has established himself as one of the best runners the city has ever produced. Finishing sixth in the 2016 Wings For Life in Georgia, Artyom ran 80km. He has run the Matterhorn, and more marathons than he can remember.

A personal trainer by day, Artyom has proven himself capable of incredible feats time and time again. Artyom understands both the psychological and physical aspects of running extreme distances better than almost anyone on Earth.