About Us
Running in Baku since 2016
After coming to Baku in 2016, Trevor Hill, an ultramarathon runner from London, could not find a running club which appealed to him, so he built his own. Reaching out to Kasia Wrabel, a veteran Marathon runner from Poland, and Artyom Aliyev, an Azeri ultramarathon runner, Baku Runners was born in September that year.
The group quickly gained popularity with both locals and ex-pats alike. It's unique blend of camaraderie, support, training and of course, coffee, allowed Baku Runners to cement itself into the small, but close-knit running scene in Baku.

Baku Runners' open policy means that all are welcome, no matter what age, ability or background. And don't forget - every session is completely free of charge, and always will be.